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How Mr. G's treats its customers

I saw an ad in Hemmings Motor News for Mr. G's rechromed plastic. I called the company and it was explained to me on the phone that I could ship my pillar post moldings in for an estimate since they wouldn't quote me a price on the phone. I shipped the parts UPS and I called them a few weeks later and Mr. G's told me that the parts are in process and not done yet. I alerted them that I did not authorize any work to be performed on my parts, only an estimate. I had a letter with the parts explaining that I wanted an estimate as the women on the phone recommended. I decided to just let them continue to do the work and not fight it, what else could I do? They advised me that they would call when the parts were done.

re chrome plastic texas My car was being fully frame off restored so I wasn't in too much of a hurry. About six weeks later I called to check on the status of my parts - I again was told that they were in process. I called back two weeks later when I was told that "Oh yeah your pillar post moldings must have been in the batch that got screwed up", needless to say I was very concerned. "Your parts got messed up and they had to be stripped again" About three weeks later my moldings arrived.

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re chrome plastic texas

The moldings had the appearance of a fast prep with 80 grit sandpaper complete with hair stuck in the plating. I called Mr. G's right away. I asked "What kind of a guarantee do you have" The gruff sounding Texan man on the other end said "None" Long pause. I asked him "What do you mean?" He replied "Well if someone cleans 'em with Windex it will discolor" I clarified my situation by telling him my predicament, about the hair and deep scratches. He seemed extremely defensive. I said don't you have any kind of a quality guarantee? He said "Well you can pay twice as much and we'll try it again, and it probably won't come out any better" "That aint hair in there its steel wool."

Was this supposed to comfort me in some way?

I have kept a slow candle of disdain burning for Mr. G's ever since this horrible incident. I didn't know what to do, but today I ran across the Mr. G's website and I thought I should try to get to some kind of resolution. That resolution is here for the world to see how Mr. G's treats people.

MrG's does not have a quality guarantee, consider this when choosing your plastic restoration service.

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